Purpose and Wisdom

Frequently Asked Questions

How are you affiliated with Jay Shetty?

Each Coach at Purpose and Wisdom Coaching has gone through the Jay Shetty Certification Program. Through this program, we have been taught techniques and strategies by Jay which helps Clients achieve the best outcomes.

What is a Coach?

A Coach is someone who will raise your awareness to blind spots you are living with. Through your Coach, you will take steps to remove these obstacles and have a more balanced purposeful life.

Who is your ideal Client?

Individuals who are looking to raise their own awareness and the awareness of the people in their lives. If you are a leader in any capacity, we want to help you and the people you lead become their best selves

Why should I work with an accredited Coach?

Would you go to a doctor who did not go to medical school? Would you use a lawyer who did not go to law school? Would you trust your taxes with someone who was not a certified accountant?

An accredited Coach has invested the time and resources to create the best Coaching program possible based on the industry and associations best practices and guidelines.

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